Ā Mātou Mahi- Our Services

Manawa Enterprises is a Dunedin-based programme, offering services in kapa haka tutoring, te reo Māori in the classroom, teacher development and whānau assistance to local primary and intermediate schools.

Kopua Waititi and Ana Pene have been developing these programme over the past 8 years and have worked in over 20 different schools during this time.

Please see below for a programme outline and contact Manawa through the Contact Page for further information and availability.

How does this work?

  • Contact us – let’s have a kōrero about your kura and the tamariki, their whānau- whatever you are concerned about. Then we can have a think about whether we can provide a programme you need, whether we can find somebody else who can, or whether we can support you in a journey you have already embarked on and need some assistance in something specific.
  • Choose a programme- once you have a clear vision about how we can support you we can set up a contract and get things underway! This will activate the kura webpage as well.
  • Meeting the whānau is a great way to begin, and we will usually come in to your kura a few times prior to beginning to become familiar with the kura and the kaiako who will be involved.
  • From there we can continue to develop our relationship as you do the same for your kura and te ao Māori.
Ana at Balaclava School 2017

Manawa Kaupapa Māori Term Block

Since 2016 we have been offering Term Block Kaupapa Māori in the Classroom programmes. These programmes revolve around a certain kaupapa such as pūrākau, mahi toi, Matariki and pōwhiri. There is both a junior and senior programme delivered to each class weekly, with examples of many ways in which te reo Māori and tikanga Māori can be integrated into the classroom.

These programmes run for a term and can include kapa haka, extenstion te reo Māori, junior waiata and staff development. Contact us to arrange a hui.

Bradford Teina at Polyfest 2017

Manawa Kapa Haka

Manawa Enterprises is primarily a kapa haka tutoring service for primary and intermediate schools in the Otago region. We provide tutors who put together a programme specific for the kura, their tamariki and whānau. Our hope is to help provide a foundation for all tamariki in the art of kapa haka, as well as promote positive relationships for all tamariki to te ao Māori.

We provide tutors, compositions, school waiata, performance bracket for Otago Polyfest or other public performance, webpage of resources, whānau hui consultation and support.

For specific requirements please contact us and we can arrange a hui.

Abbotsford School 2017

Matariki and other special events

We have been humbly involved with many beautiful community events since teaching in schools. Matariki breakfasts, lunches and dinner! School concerts, welcomes, farewells, openings, graduations, performances, competitions and many other celebrations that bring mana to the kura and it’s community.

We do like to support passionate teachers and staff to hold events in their school that celebrate our Māori culture. You can contact us if you have an idea or initiative you may need help with.